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Case Study: New Build Development

Underfloor Heating - Hot and Cold water services - First stage Soil System - Rainwater management System

This is the start of new development where we have been commissioned to carry the following installation as to the client specification:

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The following pictures show first fixings of the soil system and outside SVP in black pipe and fittings:

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First fixing pipe-work for the following services:

- Cold Water to all Bathrooms
- Hot Water to all Bathrooms
- Secondary Hot water return
- Flow and Return Heating services to Towel Warmers only
- All pipe-work pressure tested before ceilings are fixed
- All pipe-work completed with pipe insulation

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The following pictures show the installation of all the appliances required this development in stages of work

Installed is the Worcester Greenstar 40CDi Classic ErP Heat Regular Gas Boiler complete with Telescopic Horizontal Flue

Added to Boiler installation is 1No Filter

For Hot Water the Megaflo Eco 300l Unvented Cylinder has been installed with Hot Water Secondary return Bronze Pump and Expansion Vessel

The Cold Water has been installed with 1No Coldstream 500l Accumulator

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The following pictures are showing the Underfloor insulation: All supplied and designed by Nu-Heat

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This picture shows the Underfloor pumping station and mixing valve on the left with a second pumping station and mixing valve for 5No Towel Warmers on the right

All Towel Warmers can used all the year round independent to the underfloor heating

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These pictures show the pumping station for the recycling rainwater management system (www.rainwaterharvesting.co.uk)

With this installation rainwater will be pumped up to roof storage cistern and then by gravity drops down to supply 5No WC cisterns and 1No washing machine

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We would like to thank the following Plumbing and Heating suppliers in there help for suppling all the materials for the above development:


Drakes Plumbing Supplies Ltd: CHIEFTAIN CLOSE, GILLINGHAM. ME8 0PP

Wolseley Strood Drain: KNIGHT ROAD, STROOD. ME2 2AH

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